MP Series


Meat Application

Maximizing yields is critical to every poultry and meat processor. Injection, marination or the additions of seasoned ingredients to fresh poultry has become a common practice in both slaughter and further processing plants. Carrageenan has long been used for more than 50 years for stabilizing and gelling a wide variety of food products including poultry injections, marinates and brines. Carrageenan swells during cooking and consequently gels and entraps liquid upon cooling the product thereby resulting to juiciness, tenderness, better taste and higher yield. Suspends brine components to ensure homogeneous injection.

MP-SERIES are fine mesh natural grade carrageenan blends specially developed for meat and poultry processors has the following additional advantages:

  1. Increases yield and extended shelf life
  2. Improves appearance and eating quality
  3. Maintains juiciness and tenderness
  4. Excellent purge control freeze-thaw stability
  5. Improves sliceability and better texture
  6. Allows easy pumping and stuffing of meat emulsions
  7. Suspends brine components to ensure homogeneous injection

Use Level

  • 0.50 – 1.25% by weight of final product

Method of Addition

Carrageenan is easier to dissolve in systems that contain salts such as NaCl, KCl. Salts should be dissolve first, and then carrageenan should be added as the last ingredients.

PH Tolerance

Above 5.0 recommended for optimum effect

Regulatory Status

The carrageenan manufactured by TBK Manufacturing Corporation complies with current purity criteria as set forth in 21 CFR .172.620 and 172.626, the European Union(EEC Directives), FAO/JECFA specifications and the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) standards.

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