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TBK Manufacturing Corporation

A Producer of High-Quality Carrageenan
About TBK
About TBK
About TBK

Who We Are.

TBK has been engaged in the export of marine products for more than 20 years now and retains a firm foothold in the global market. TBK aims to earn recognition as one of the best international suppliers of high quality, cost-effective carrageenan to customers worldwide.

Our Philosophy.

"Good Quality Means Good Business" has always been the company’s philosophy ever since it started. Dedicated to quality at every step of the process from raw materials cultivation and preparation to processing, formulation, quality assurance and technical service, TBK seeks to provide their customers with flawless results each time their ingredients are used.

What we Do.

We produce high-quality carrageenan. TBK Carrageenan is a natural grade carrageenan mainly used to gel, thicken, bind, texturize, and suspend properties over a broad range of food products. TBK Carrageenan is obtained from the red seaweeds Kappaphycus cottonii and Denticulatum spinosum that are farmed in the shallow lagoons of the Philippine islands.

Company Background

Know more about TBK

Founded in 1999, TBK Manufacturing Corporation is a leading manufacturer of natural grade carrageenan in the Philippines. TBK is known for producing high quality product and cost-effective carrageenan used in food products that need gelling, thickening, binding, texturizing and suspending properties.

Continuous improvement in all areas ensures excellent results and customer satisfaction with every aspect of the company’s business: product development and production, R&D, quality control and customer service.

Situated near the heart of one of the largest seaweed producing areas of the Philippines, TBK has cultivated supply agreements with reputable seaweed producing cooperatives and organizations to ensure the supply and availability of first-rate raw materials.

TBK production facilities employ highly trained engineers and staff to handle cutting-edge, modernized machinery. TBK Carrageenan is Kosher and Halal Certified. It is free of Trans Fats, GMO, Radiation, and Allergens. The entire production process strictly adheres to GMP, BRC, and FSSC 22000 standards.

With more than 30 years of cumulative industry experience, the invaluable experience and modern facilities of the TBK R&D Team are also made available to customers who require assistance in formulating new applications and products.

TBK takes great pride in providing customers with the best possible products and services



Our entire team of management, manufacturing, and quality control personnel values:
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility


Every lot of TBK Carrageenan is thoroughly examined to meet the most rigid chemical, functional, bacteriological, and organoleptic specifications before delivery to customers.
  • Noncompromising rigorous quality control
  • Consistent high quality and product safety
  • Cost-effective product


TBK is addressing customer demand for cost-effective carrageenan in 3 ways:
  • Ability to secure long term first hand raw material supply
  • Efficient manufacturing process
  • Continuous R&D means to improve existing products at more cost-effective


TBK is dedicated to providing our customers with:
  • Consistent high quality products
  • On-Time delivery
  • Prompt technical support
  • Customer satisfaction
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