CMD Series


Chocolate and Soy Milk Applications

CMD Series are fine mesh natural grade carrageenan blends specifically formulated for the stabilization of chocolate milk and soy milk drinks both in pasteurized HTST and UHT systems. Being a 100% pure product, undiluted with neither salts nor sugars, CMD-Series carrageenan gives the formulator flexibility and freedom to make modifications. It is designed to provide a range of stabilizer characteristics depending on desired finished chocolate milk properties. Each product is standardized for milk index strength giving uniform suspension and viscosity in chocolate milk.

CMD Series are unique hydrocolloid stabilizer for dairy applications because of its ability to react predictably with milk proteins to permanently suspend cocoa at appropriate use.


  1. Adds viscosity and improved shear stability
  2. Suspends cocoa to set up a web-like network which imparts an excellent mouthfeel to the finished product
  3. Stabilizes and prevents whey off in milk
  4. Provides suspension of cocoa and body in fluid milk systems at very low use levels for a long period of time
  5. Exhibits exceptional stability and spread over a broad range of use levels in both UHT and HTST processes, resisting cocoa settling and milk gelation

Use Level

  • UHT Systems : 0.015 – 0.030% by weight of final product
  • HTST Systems : 0.025 – 0.035% by weight of final product

Method of Addition

Carrageenan should be slowly added to the vortex of liquids with medium to high mixing for best result and optimum dispersion.

PH Tolerance

Above 5.0 recommended for optimum effect

Regulatory Status

The carrageenan manufactured by TBK Manufacturing Corporation complies with current purity criteria as set forth in 21 CFR .172.620 and 172.626, the European Union(EEC Directives), FAO/JECFA specifications and the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) standards.

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