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What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is the name given to a family of linear sulfated food grade polysaccharides obtained from the red seaweeds.

There are 3 major types of carrageenan produced named kappa, iota and lambda which are well differentiated in terms of their gelling properties and protein reactivity. Kappa carrageenan derived from Kappaphycus Alvarezii form strong gels that fracture; whereas iota carrageenan derived from Eucheuma Denticulatum form softer elastic gels. Lambda carrageenan derived from Chrondrus Crispus do not gel in water but they interact strongly with proteins to stabilize a wide range of dairy products.

Where does Carrageenan come from?

Carrageenan comes from the gelatinous protective layer in cell walls of several red seaweeds. Because red seaweeds must live in the violent intertidal ocean environment, their living cells must be protected from damage. Carrageenan gels serve this purpose in nature. After searching the world for several decades for natural stands of carrageenan bearing seaweeds, the industry has settled on two Eucheuma species that thrive under cultivation in tropical waters and the abundance of naturally growing Gigartina species along the Chile coast line south of Santiago. Kappa-bearing weeds are most important because kappa dominates in dairy and meat applications. Iota trails but is nonetheless important in toothpaste and special food applications.


TBK Carrageenan

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Our Production

Each step in the production process is meticulously checked to ensure high-quality products.
TBK Carrageenan is extracted from the red seaweeds Eucheuma Kappaphycus Cottonii and Eucheuma Denticulatum Spinosum through alkali-treatment, purification and milled into powder for final blending and standardization. TBK production facilities employ highly trained engineers and staff to handle cutting-edge modernized machinery.

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TBK Carrageenan Uses

Our carrageenan trademarks can be used in various food products.

We make sure that our carrageenan is of high quality in order for you to produce the best food products. We have five different carrageenan series for you to choose from depending on your production needs.

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